Top 10 Front-End Usability Mistakes on JomSocial

I am a huge JomSocial fan. I use it all the time and enjoy almost every minute. But like any website and application JomSocial’s usability too has room for improvement. The mistakes aren’t huge but they are easily fixed.

  1. There are empty fields on the profile page. Empty fields on the front end is neither attractive nor necessary. It’s best to show only the populated fields.jomsocial empty fields
  2. My links appear on other people’s profiles. If I am logged in and looking at someone’s profile, all my tabs appear at the top of the page. But it makes little sense to mix my stuff with theirs. When looking at someone else’s profile, I should only see the buttons and links that concern them.jomsocial links on other's profiles
  3. The username on the mini profile that appears in the search results does not link to the profile. The link should lead to the profile. The image links, but that’s not enough.jomsocial search results usernames
  4. On the date, only the month field is a drop-down menu.The site would be more user-friendly if all the fields were drop-downs. I should also be able to select the date format.jomsocial date drop down
  5. Some of the profile default values are unusual. The default values on an application should always be those that people are most likely to use. On a social site, few people will want to post their cell phone number on their profile, for example, so that shouldn’t be mandatory.
  6. Mandatory fields are not marked with a red asterisk.Mandatory fields on the profile are marked with a black asterisk on the left but it would be better if the asterisk was red, and on the right. It’s not a biggie but it would be better.
  7. Mandatory fields on the photo album are confusing.It’s not clear which fields on the photo album are mandatory. It turns out that the description field box is mandatory, but why should it be? Only the album name is really necessary. Every time users are forced to enter unnecessary data, they become frustrated and have a poor experience.jomsocial photo album
  8. The email “To” field is confusing.When composing a message, it’s not clear whether I should enter a username or an email address. Nor is there any indication of which fields are mandatory. For example, I can’t send a message with no body, but I’m not told of an error.jomsocial email to field
  9. There’s a Reset button for the Search field. I discussed this issue on “10 Top Button Usability Mistakes.” Reset buttons are always wrong. People click them by mistake and find they have to enter all their information again. In this case, they’d only have to rewrite one field, but it’s still unnecessary.jomsocial reset button on search
  10. Group numbers should link to the members list.When looking at the list of groups, the number of the group’s members should link to the list of members. And the image of the group should link to the group’s home page.jomsocial groups members

And that’s it. It wasn’t easy to find these mistakes, which is a good sign, but fixing them will be easy too and take JomSocial to the next level. It is a great community extension for Joomla and I can’t wait to see how it evolves and improves.

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