The Meditation Mind Usability Testing Report

The Meditation Mind is currently “under construction” but is meant to be a large portal for meditation-related websites. I was asked by founder Scott Desgrosseilliers to test it, even though the site is not yet finished.

It’s a good idea to test your site even before it’s launched so that problems can be fixed before customers see them.


  1. Sign up for the monthly club.
  2. Sign up for the newsletter.
  3. Buy products.

Watch the usability test video:

Video summary and suggestions:

  • The overall look of the site is a bit amateurish. It could be more modern. Don’t assume that because I like meditation, I want to see a “new age,” old fashioned design.
  • The color scheme is wrong: brown and purple really don’t work together.
  • The image text in the middle is hard to read and because it’s an image, can’t be enlarged.
  • The logo should be on the left; the tag line should under it.
  • Re-think the tag line.
  • The word “Search” next to the search box is too small and in the wrong font.

Sign up for the monthly club

  • I can’t find a prominent “Join the club” button, even though it’s the first — and most important — task.
  • The button should really be on the top right of the page.
  • The monthly club doesn’t seem to exist yet; the page is currently empty.

Sign up for newsletter

  • I found the newsletter easily…
  • … and I signed up easily.
  • Is the newsletter only about meditation myths? I’d like to see a wider range of content.
  • It would be great to see a few newsletter examples before I sign up.

Buy products

  • After adding an item to the cart, I receive an error prompt, not the cart.
  • The shopping cart has a “discount” and a “gift voucher.” There should be just one option.
  • The shipping drop down menu is not showing all the words.
  • After I choose a shipping method, I receive another “error” message telling me to choose a shipping method again.
  • Because the drop down menu is too small, it appears that I didn’t select anything. Make the drop down “not fixed size.”
  • “Clear cart” should be on the left — if used at all.
  • “Get quote” should be removed.
  • The only button I should see here is the “checkout” button.


  • The form looks long because each field has its own line.
  • “Required” should be marked by a red asterisk, not a dot.
  • The default title should not be “DR.” It’s better to provide an option to choose nothing or the most common title.
  • The shipping address should be mandatory.
  • Auto-fill doesn’t complete the zip code or the phone number.
  • The check box “Same as shipping” is missing in the billing address.
  • Nothing happens when I click the SSL image.
  • Paypal payment doesn’t work.
  • When I click on “Return to merchant,” I return to the checkout page. If I need to try a different payment method, then please make sure all the information is pre-completed.

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