JoomSuite Usability Testing Report

JoomSuiteJoomSuite is a popular Joomla extension provider. The site has many products and a number of them are quite complex. Founder Sergey Romanov asked me to compete four tasks:


  1. Obtain information about a product.
  2. Find and read the FAQ of the product.
  3. Purchase the product.
  4. Download the product.

Watch the usability test video:

Video summary and suggestions:

  • The site’s overall look and feel is good: it has solid branding and a clean look.
  • The tagline is a bit hard to read and suggests that the products are only for businesses.
  • I would recommend having a native English speaker edit the entire site. Tighter language would make a better impression.
  • It’s good that the login area is at the top.
  • The search box should have a submit button.
  • The promotion area is a bit confusing; consider removing it.
  • The icons are well-designed and match the list of products.
  • The names of the different products should link to the product page. They are also blue and can be mistaken easily for a link.
  • The English on the title of the Analytics product is poor.
  • The copy on the product name is not clear and needs to be improved.{sidebar id=2}
  • Screen shots on some product pages are missing.
  • A “Call to action” (Buy Now Button) should be placed at the bottom of all product pages.
  • A link to the demo is missing from the product page; it should be placed at the bottom (and maybe on the top too).
  • Print, email and PDF icons are not necessary and can hurt your SEO.
  • “Powered by JoomSuite Resource” is distracting and should be removed.
  • The product FAQ is hard to find and is missing from some products. It should appear at the bottom of the page.
  • The logo should always link to the home page.
  • A “home” menu item is missing. It really should be there.
  • “Free download” would be better expressed as “Download Free.” The first is a description; the second is a call to action.
  • When I click on “Free Download” I expect to see only the download of that product. Instead, I receive the whole tree again and it’s not clear that what I want is at the bottom. Only show me only my download.
  • Typo: “nor” should be “not.”
  • After I activate the account, I need to find my download again
  • When I click the”purchase” button I expect to be taken to the payment page, not to a subscription page.
  • “Free upgrades” sounds more tempting than “lifetime license.”
  • I wonder how much am I going to have to pay for this and whether I need to upgrade each year…
  • The prices I see are not the 19 Euro I was going to pay. Instead, I’m shown ALL the subscriptions. Only show me what I want to purchase. At the very minimum put my purchase at the top and the rest at the bottom.
  • 2CO was a bad user experience. Try switching to something else!
  • 2CO won’t let me purchase because I have a “#” on my address!
  • I can’t find how to download my product. There are no instructions in the subscription area.
  • What is “base domain”? Most people won’t know.
  • I was surprised to find that the downloaded file was a text file with a license, and not the actual product. What am I supposed to do with this? Provide instructions to the next steps.

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