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Contact me and we will send you an invoice.


usability testing

I will test your site and record the test

Once I receive your order, I will perform the test and record it using screen capture software. You will be able to hear all the keystrokes, see the mouse movements and hear exactly what I am  doing and thinking as I use your site.


usability testing report

Your report is ready!

Within 72 hours you will receive a report that includes the test video, observations and suggestions. You will be able to view the film, take notes and fix the problems. You can see many usability testing reports here.

What to do once you receive the results:

  • View the movie and show it to your Web developer or production team.
  • While you watch the movie, take notes on all the issues raised.
  • Some of the problems we raise are likely to be simple to fix, so start with those. They're also likely to be the most important.
  • Once those have been completed, fix the remainder of the problems.
  • Repeat the process every few weeks or months to ensure that your site is always working at its best.