America’s Intuition Coach Usability Testing Report

Joanna Garzilli is “America’s Intuition Coach,” a TV host and a well-known psychic to the stars. She has also released a new book called “Unleash The Psychic In You.” Joanna is using WordPress for her site, which is a great start already. And because her site was pretty good to start with, I was able to focus on a basic SEO overview.


  1. Improve opt-in rate.
  2. Increase SEO, especially for the keyword “psychic.”
  3. Make the site stickier and increase trust.

Watch the usability test video:

Video summary and suggestions:


  1. The site’s look and feel is clean and professional.
  2. The logo is good.
  3. I would like to see the domain name somewhere under the logo “”
  4. The copy under “On Intuition, Decision Making And Life” is a bit too long.


  • The opt-in area is very easy to find, especially with those moving arrows — but they can be annoying after a while.
  • The words “Unleash The Psychic In You” look like a link
  • “Your info will never be shared or sold” should be higher and placed before the registration button; it’s what helps me make the decision.
  • I had a problem after opting in. It could be temporary but needs further testing.
  • Add the word “email” next to the text box of the RSS feed subscription.
  • Remove the opt-in box after registration.
  • The instructions after opt-in are very hepful.
  • Maybe add a link to other pages on the right, in place of the opt-in box.
  • The logo links to the home page – good!


  • The most important tag is your title meta tag.
  • Move your name to the end, at least on pages that are not your home page
  • Using the same start of title (“Joanna Garzilli – America’s Intuition Coach”) on all your pages harms the site’s SEO.
  • Each page should have its own unique title meta tag using keywords that the page is targeting.
  • The word “psychic” is missing from the meta tags.
  • Avoid words like “why,” “where” or other generic terms in the title meta tag.
  • Your URLs are Search Engine Friendly.
  • Image “Alt” tags are missing. You can place keywords in those tags.


  • Hiding the opt-in for people who have already signed up will improve stickiness.

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