About Me

Merav KnafoMy name is Merav Knafo and I'm a web developer. Over the last decade, I've developed some very complex websites and Web-related software products, always learning and paying attention to usability.

During those years, I've noticed that many of the sites I encounter have major usability problems. In fact, you could say that all sites have usability issues: every site could be improved and made more user-friendly.

I can look at a site and tell within minutes what works... and what doesn't. Whether it's experience or natural talent, I find bugs and problems everywhere I go on the Web and I want to help solve them.

After taking a course with the leading usability experts, I'm offering my service to publishers interested in improving their site on the basis of expert advice.

What can you expect from me?

  • Solid, practical advice based on years of experience and learning.
  • Honest, direct comments. If your site doesn't work, I'll tell you... and I'll tell you exactly why.
  • Plenty of surprises. It often takes an objective, expert eye to spot the problems on a website, and they're usually where you least expect them.
  • Real help that you can use to improve your site.

Here are some of the projects I am currently involved in:

  • LookBetterOnline.com - A photography service for online daters. I co-founded this site and created all the software from scratch. We've photographed over 7,000 people so far and helped them achieve better results online. We partner with major dating sites like Match.com.
  • BetterBusinessShots.com - A subsidiary of LookBetterOnline. We've just launched this site and offer photography services for business people or anyone who needs a good headshot for their site, blog, LinkedIn page or business card.

  • iJoomla.com - I am the sole founder of this site and I have eight people working for me full-time. We create commercial extensions for Joomla CMS and have a great reputation for delivering high-end extensions and providing top-quality service

Some interviews with me:

Here are what some top professional think about my services. You can see these testimonials on my LinkedIn page

Fred David (fredtime.com)
Fred Davis“Merav is a genius, pure and simple. A truly brilliant technologist and business strategist, I would highly recommend Merav for just about any job. Working with her and her team is awesome. It's truly rare to find such an excellent resource.” October 2, 2008

Stewart Borie (Visit LinkedIn page)

Stewart Borie“Merav is superb. Her work with OneCoach was nothing short of miraculous. Her skills as a developer, designer and strategist were fundamental in taking the Company's internet presence from being a less than adequate experience to having the right look, feel, flow and functionality. Furthermore, she took a complex problem and made an elegantly simple solution. In addition, Merav is a joy to work with. She is a confident, capable professional. She is very smart, very experienced, straight, to the point and gets things done. She knows how to work within a team as well as assembling and coordinating a team on firm deadlines with hard deliverables. She is also a very nice person with integrity, fun to deal with, with a good sense of humor and a great collaborative attitude. It's been a pleasure working with Merav. I will work with her again in the future and recommend her work to my clients.” September 22, 2008

Giles Fabris (OneCoach.com)
Giles Fabris“I'm proud to recommend Merav to ALL my contacts, she is an expert with an amazing understanding of her work, the quality of her work is outstanding from concept to finish, She is highly creative in her thinking, she inspires great confidence, is trustworthy, reliable and a joy to be around.” September 22, 2008  

Laurence DeBruyne

“I have worked with Merav on several projects and have always been impressed by her dedication. Her deep knowledge and involvement in each project makes every single one seem like a walk in the park. Merav combines technical knowledge with clients services and creativity, making her unique on the market. I would recommend hiring Merav's services to anyone looking for a real professional with high work ethic.” September 25, 2008