post Usability Testing Report

hibooth is a new site, currently in beta, that is offering a virtual booth for individuals and companies to present their services/products. Founder Ping has asked me to perform the following tasks: Tasks: Join as a business owner Invite other businesses Search and find certain business Watch the usability test video: Video summary and suggestions: […]


America’s Intuition Coach Usability Testing Report

America's Intuition Coach

Joanna Garzilli is “America’s Intuition Coach,” a TV host and a well-known psychic to the stars. She has also released a new book called “Unleash The Psychic In You.” Joanna is using WordPress for her site, which is a great start already. And because her site was pretty good to start with, I was able […]


JoomSuite Usability Testing Report


JoomSuite is a popular Joomla extension provider. The site has many products and a number of them are quite complex. Founder Sergey Romanov asked me to compete four tasks: Tasks: Obtain information about a product. Find and read the FAQ of the product. Purchase the product. Download the product. Watch the usability test video: Video […]


The Meditation Mind Usability Testing Report

Meditation Mind usability testing

The Meditation Mind is currently “under construction” but is meant to be a large portal for meditation-related websites. I was asked by founder Scott Desgrosseilliers to test it, even though the site is not yet finished. It’s a good idea to test your site even before it’s launched so that problems can be fixed before […]


CMS-Expo Usability Testing Report

CMS Expo

The guys at organize professional events for Joomla (and other CMS systems next year). The organizers of these events, John and Linda Coonen, are professional Web designers so my expectations were high. They didn’t disappoint. John asked me to perform three tasks. Tasks: Find the agenda. Purchase a ticket to the CMS expo. Learn […]


CompassDesigns Usability Testing Report

Compass is a very popular Joomla blog, with great content and resources. I had seen the site before but hadn’t used it very much, so my first impressions were pretty accurate. The design of the site is beautiful and clean, which is expected from Barrie North, who is also a partner at, the leading […]


NinjaForge Usability Testing Report


NinjaForge is a popular extensions provider for Joomla. I had seen their site before, but had never purchased anything there nor was I very familiar with it. Their brand is well-known though, something that’s generally missing in the Joomla world. Founder Daniel Chapman asked me to test his site and perform the following tasks. Tasks […]


ConstantConversions Usability Testing Report

Constant Conversions is a site that sells writing services from newsletters and ebooks to site content. They specialize in creating Web content that’s appealing, engaging and which promotes conversions. I was asked by founder Dean Shanson to perform three tasks. Dean warned me that he wasn’t happy with the site’s current set-up which made it a […]


Azrul Usability Testing Report


I was asked by Azrul to test his site for usability. Azrul is one of my favorite Joomla developers and I appreciate his extensions. His design is top notch but does the site match the quality of his products? Azrul asked me to complete four tasks: Purchase JomComment. Receive support. Download a product. Visit JomSocial […]


Yahoo Personals Usability Testing Report

Yahoo Personals

Yahoo! Personals is one of the most popular dating sites on the Web. Because I am familiar with this site, the test is not 100 percent accurate, but I tried to focus on registering to the site as a user who doesn’t already own a Yahoo! account. I determined five tasks: Register to the dating […]