Bank of America’s Overbearing Error Handling

Can't have an apostrophe in suject line?

Bank of America has a powerful online banking service. When you want to send money with a wire transfer or pay bills, it’s great. But the system has very strict error handling. The site’s control of what you can put in a field is so overbearing and ridiculous that it’s  earned this month’s “Designed by […]

Usability Testing Report – – Round 2

Scoreateetime is a new exciting service for golfers. It allows golfers to find tee-times available in their area. The guys from are very serious about usability and asked me to perform usability testing on their beta site. This is the second round of testing, the first one remains private. Tasks: What are the benefits […]

Usability Testing Report for Morph by JoomlaJunkie


Morph is a new and revolutionary template from It's the first template I've seen that includes a component!  I had the pleasure of meeting founder Chris Rault at the 2008 CMS Expo. He is a very bright guy with some fantastic ideas for Joomla, and he’s determined to change the way we see and […]

12 Usability Guidelines Every Joomla Template Should Follow

Over the years I’ve been involved in Joomla, I’ve seen some great improvements in templates. Many templates are now very sophisticated, slick and beautiful. Just compare the early work of any of the veteran template providers with their recent efforts to see the quantum leaps they’ve all made. But while looks have improved, front-end usability […]